About Us

“Expertise in Manufacturing High-Quality Shafts with Unwavering Precision”

Through our extensive experience in precision machining, we have acquired the expertise to manufacture various types of shafts within the specified size range. To ensure consistent precision, accuracy, and repeatability in our machining processes, we have meticulously planned our factory layout and equipped it with appropriate machinery and measuring equipments. Our primary focus lies in manufacturing exceptionally precise shafts with tolerances as close as 0.005mm. In line with this goal, we have designed our facility to efficiently handle components measuring upto 400mm in diameter and 1500mm in length.

Our infrastructure comprises a 10,000 sq.ft. facility, divided into 5,000 sq.ft. for machining and another5,000 sq.ft. for inspection and storage, allowing us to accommodate upto 11,000 shafts simultaneously.

Our setup allows us to efficiently handle machining, assembly, and storage operations, ensuring smooth production processes and reliable power supply.

1No.: 10T EOT Crane – Pegasus make
1No.: Diesel Generator 250kVA – Cummins make
1No.: 250kVAIGBT Based True Technology UPS System
True-On-Line Double Conversion DSP – Riello make
1No.: Air Screw Compressor – Atlas Copco make

Precision Machining