About Us

About TDMC

We are experts in repairing, rebuilding, overhauling and refurbishing all types of industrial & heavy duty gearboxes. TDMC has become a trusted partner for many relevant organizations in a range of industries.

Why choose us?

We hold an impeccable reputation for the quality and precision that we follow and implement in every project we handle. Clients rely on us with their business, and we try our best to live up to their expectations while adhering strictly to the industry compliances and standards. Our sole aim is to ensure that our manufactured machine parts can easily solve the pain points of different businesses and take them to theuntouched heights.

Our services and workforce

Our service catalog includes a multitude of functions like machining, fabrication, gear cutting, gear grinding, overhauling, repairing, restoration, and balancing. As these tasks are no cakewalk we only hire the best and top-rated employees in our team. All our technicians are experts in their respective domains and can promptly provide the best resolutions. In addition, the years of work experience of these experts make them valuable for TDMC. We appreciate their sheer dedication and passion, which in turn enables them to deliver outstanding performance.

Our Products

The main type of product where we have mastered proficiency include large industrial gearboxes. These gearboxes are unlike any other because they find their use for heavy industrial operations, like from planetary movement to wind turbines to VRM and more. We hold a rich experience in developing customized gear drives that abide by the tough industry requirements across both the high speed and the slow speed applications.
So, the next time you face any issue with your gearbox, you can always let us know about your concern at TDMC. Our experts will help to put your project back to track with improved gearboxes. Besides, we also deal in the refurbishment and overhauling of all types gearboxes.

Our mission at TDMC

We at TDMC ensure to offer the best services to all types of industries that require heavy types of equipment units, like gears.
Our company intends to offer the best machine items with additional services to help businesses continue their work and deliver outstanding performances. We serve companies locally and globally because we believe that industries can come together only when all businesses are at the same level.
Over the years, we have diversified our services to different industries like marine, aerospace, wind, railways, cement, thermal power and sugar. We take pride in what we have achieved till date. With skilled minds and collaboration with more clients, we aim at attaining new milestones in the better future.

About TDMC?

Gearbox Repair, Rebuild, Overhauling And Refurbishing Service

Repair, Rebuild, Overhauling and Refurbishing

New Industrial Gearbox Manufacture in India

Manufacture of new industrial gearbox

Machining and Gear Cutting Of Various Components

Machining, Gear cutting, Gear Grinding, Gear Inspection & Gearbox testing of various components

Gearbox Engineering, Design & Development Service

Engineering, Design & Development

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