Our Machinery

We have a wide range of machinery. Here are the prominent ones:

CNC Turning Centre 1No.

1. CNC Turning Centre: 1No.

Make: TekCel Automation Pvt Ltd
Model: TXL-9015
Max OD: 900mm
Max Length: 1500mm
Along linear glass scale witch precision (accuracy and repeatability) within 0.005 mm

2. CNC Vertical Machining Center: 1No.

Make: Jyoti CNC Automation Limited Model: nvu I 260
Max X axis Travel: 600m Max Y axis Travel: I200mm
Max Z axis Travel: 600mm With high pressure coolant, in- built touch- probe mechanism, angular head mounted to ATC within 0.005mm

CNC Vertical Machining Center 1No
CNC Universal Grinding Machine 2No.s

3. CNC Universal Grinding Machine: 2No.s

Make: Palmary
Model: OCD42150 CNC with 45m/s Hydrostatic Spindle Max OD: 400mm
Max OD Grinding Length: I 500mm Max ID: 200mm Max ID Grinding Length: 400mm
Marposs IPG, Z-Axis Flagging Inspection, CI Grade Ball- Screw, Linear Glass Scale (within 0.001mm 0.005mm, linear glass scale accuracy and repeatability)
Heidenhain) with precision (accuracy and repeatability)

4.Conventional ID Grinding Machine

Make: Voumard
Model: Bore Grinder
Max OD: 250mm
Max Component Length: 1500mm
Max ID: 200mm
Max ID Grinding Length: 600mm

Conventional ID Grinding Machine
Coordinate Measuring Machine 1No

5. Coordinate Measuring Machine: 1No.

Make: Zeiss
Model: Spectrum Plus 10/16/6 RDS XXT

6. Contour Tracer: 1No.

Make: Zeiss
Model: Contourecord 1600 G-14

Surface Roughness Tester 1No.
Other instruments

7. Surface Roughness Tester: 1No.

Make: Zeiss
Model: Surfcom Touch 50

8. Other instruments:

a) Sine Bar
b) Bevel protractor
c) Digital Micrometer
d) Micron Dials
e) Poldi hardness tester for raw material
f) Portable hardness tester
g) Bore gauges
h) Digital Vernier
i) Height Master
j) Depth gauge

Other instruments

9. TXLE 9030 Turnmill Centre

Make: TekCel Automation Pvt Ltd
Year of Make: 2024
⌀900mm X TL 3000mm with BMT Turret and heavy-duty automatic steady- rest with HEIDENHAIN Glass scales for all axes with weight carrying capacity of approx. 3000 Kg.
15 Bar High Pressure Through Coolant System with self-compensating chuck. Accuracy within 0.005mm.

10. HMT Turning Centre

Originally a conventional lathe, retrofitted in 2024 by TekCel Automation Pvt Ltd with Siemens 828D and upgraded to a CNC Turning Centre having between center length of 3000mm and chuck holding capacity of ⌀700mm and weight carrying capacity of 3000 Kg and accuracy within 0.025mm. Available with manually driven hydraulic chuck.

11. Mazak make CNC Milling machine

Retrofitted by TekCel Automation Pvt Ltd in the year 2024 and upgraded with Siemens 828D.
Having bed size of 500mmX500mm and axis travel of X/Y/Z: 700mm/1000mm/700mm.

12. Schaudt make CNC Cylindrical OD Grinding Machine (angular-headed)

Retrofitted and reconditioned in the year 2024 by TekCel Automation Pvt Ltd.
Having between center length of 1200mm with a holding of max ⌀375mm and a weight carrying capacity of 500 Kgs. Available with Marposs and having accuracy of less than 0.001mm.

13. Voumard Make Conventional ID Grinding Machine

Having between center length of 1500mm with ID Grinding quill length of up to 600mm and chuck capacity of 300mm. Available with heavy-duty steady rest and with an accuracy of less than 0.001mm