What we do

Having already spent more than half a decade in the industry, we proudly boast of our service and product excellence. TDMC focuses on providing optimal services to businesses belonging to various industries, from wind and thermal power plants to mills, etc. Our primary aim is to improve different types of machinery items used in these sectors. Although our focus is on gearboxes, we understand the scope of variance that this particular equipment category offers and its growing need by different businesses to provide optimal results. We act accordingly to help our clients fill the void.

In the run, we have introduced both high and low-speed gearboxes so that we can cater to different needs with ease. We have also gained a lot of expertise in offering excellent and result-driven solutions to clients facing challenges with mechanical power transmission systems. All our experts work closely with our clients to meet all their requirements without any delay or overhead charges.

We understand gears & gearboxes

All our engineering solutions rely on real-time factors. We care to hand over all the manufactured items to our clients only after carrying out thorough product testing. Our approaches have become better with the years, and now we associate these techniques with various factors, which include:

  •  Failure modes when subjected to various conditions
  • Working conditions and existing client systems
  • Scope of delivery from client-side
  • Design status provided by the research and development tea

Our vast network of clients

Though we started as a local company, supplying all manufactured products to local clients, we decided to venture into a bigger market later on. We needed exposure to nationalize our business, and that is why we made our services and manufacturing units accessible to clients from the entire country. With high-end industry expertise and vast experience, we are now a global company with ourclients spread across multiple countries.

Repairing Gearboxes with excellence and accuracy

Our technicians are aware of different types of gearboxes and the faults these equipment units can face. They are proficient in monitoring the errors and identifying the defect source in order to provide cost effective and timely solutions. We handle the entire gearbox repair and overhaul phase, including:

  • Full disassembly
  • Cleaning
  • Measurement
  • Inspection
  • Engineering evaluation and recommendations
  • Modifications to upgrade your gearbox

Moreover, you can also approach us to carry out various Gearbox testing methods such as performance, load, trust or spin test.

You can trust us!

When it comes to rotating equipment, the experts at TDMC cater to the entire range of fabrication, machining, assembly and inspection. We commit ourselves to offer superior grade manufacturing, maintenance, monitoring and services to keep your equipment up and running.