Unico Mechanical has the capacity to handle large milling and large heavy turning needs more efficiently than any other source available. Operating two shifts per day allows us to be more responsive and do the necessary upfront planning to get the job done right the first time. We’re known for providing reliable experienced emergency onsite support and getting you up and running quickly.
Large Heavy Milling
12’x20’x12’ Work envelope
Any OEM component or part
Experienced reliable maintenance machinists
Heavy Milling on vertical or horizontal
Emergency onsite milling services

Facing, boring, counter boring
Countersinking, reaming
Drilling and profiling
Unico Mechanical offers large scale heavy turning services for oversized and heavy equipment components and pieces in industries including refineries, power generation, and municipality applications.
Large Heavy Turning
Any large OEM component or part
Lifting capacity allows turning up to 60 tons
Horizontal turning up to 90” diameter with 40” between centers
Vertical turning machines allow 12’ diameter with parts up to 10’ tall
Threading, internal forming, contour turning, form turning and most other large turning
Any metal from iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, stellite, aluminum and exotic alloys

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